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At the heart of everything we do

We’ve created a product that’s changing the game in sports broadcasting – but we’re not done yet.

We want to keep on growing, while staying as agile and flexible as we’ve always been. Our tech team are at the heart of this.

Tech 2

Our architecture specialists create the blueprint for our system, and our software engineering teams take care of the build. Meanwhile, our broadcast technologists take our content from production to transmission at phenomenal speed, without ever compromising on quality.

All of this can only happen with great infrastructure. We have teams dedicated to building and maintaining market-leading systems and hardware, always putting the customer at the heart of what we do.

If you like solving technical problems, this is the place to be.

Our tech works seamlessly, 24/7, and is cutting-edge, scalable and resilient. Our people are dedicated, flexible and fast-moving, rising to every challenge that streaming to a global audience of fans brings.

We make learning a fundamental part of the job. Our industry-leading experts continually share their expertise with their colleagues and the wider industry. We host lightning talks, brown bag sessions, hackathons and more, and you’ll see our people speaking at conferences and events around the world. We’re an active part of the technology community, and put a strong focus on innovation.

Lateral thinking and innovation aren’t just encouraged here. They’re essential.