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Design & UX

We make it happen

Making it happen – that’s what we’re here for. We come up with creative solutions to big problems, then work with people from across the business to bring them to fans all over the world.

Design And Ux

We consider all platforms simultaneously. Our designers work across the entire product lifecycle, from brief to end product. They’re treated as experts, and empowered to shape products and features around what our users really want.

Day to day, we use tools like Sketch and Figma to create head-turning visuals, and After Effects and Principle to rapidly build, test and iterate.

We’re a truly global team. Service designers in each market help us tailor the things we create based on local insights – so fans all over get the DAZN they deserve.

There are no egos here. The best ideas win – and those ideas can come from anywhere.

We’re a multi-talented group, we lead by design, and we’re ready to use whatever platform and tools we need to get things done. We work proactively and collaboratively; we believe a friendly, supportive team, with the freedom to innovate and experiment, produces the best results.

Life in Design & UX is relentlessly fast, and all the more fun because of it.