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Business Support

The everyday leaders of DAZN

This is not a traditional business. There is no rule book. The more we grow, the more we learn.

The foundation of our company is our Business Support team. We run the day-to-day of DAZN. It’s a varied team – Finance, Legal, People, Facilities and Property.

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We work with every part of the business. We shape the culture, and solve problems big and small. Together, we’re creating a working environment like no other.

We look after our people. They have exciting ideas and a hunger for more.

We approach things in new ways by shaking up the status quo. It’s the furthest you can get from an old-fashioned, hierarchical office.

There are a million opportunities to progress and shape your career here. It’s fast moving, and every single day is different. So if you’re ready to challenge yourself, then we’re ready for you.