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Tom Padmore

Senior Rights Management & Operations Manager

We’re opportunistic. We’re not going to wait for things to come around. If we sense the opportunity, we’ll go for it. That generally means lots of hard work in a short period of time.


The Commercial Team has two very distinct strands – acquisition and management operations. The acquisition side is very much the front loaded part of DAZN. It feeds what we buy, when we buy it and how much we buy it for.

Once we have agreed the deal, it comes to myself and my team to work on the contract. We liaise with the rest of the business to make sure that what we agree suits everybody’s needs.

Working with people from different cultures and in other locations has helped us adapt our business model. Being based in the middle of London brings the unique challenge of dealing with our colleagues and contacts in Japan when they are leaving the office and then as the team in New York get to lunchtime, we’re leaving the office. We need to bring the whole day together.

Our aim is to ensure that when we broadcast the rights, we maximise the value from them, and get what we need for DAZN.

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