Ellaine Yt Ellaine Yt

Ellaine Gelman

Legal Counsel

I am responsible for a lot of centrally led initiatives and work with lawyers in each of our live markets to solve issues impacting the business.

You’re applying your knowledge to solve cross border issues whilst learning about local laws and different regulatory markets across the world.


My workload is extremely varied. There are so many things that come on to our plate on a daily basis.

We work on a variety of contracts, including operations deals, rights contracts and marketing and distribution agreements. I’ve looked at ambassador agreements with athletes at the highest level and signed exciting talent and commentators. It’s very exciting to be able to say to my friends that I’ve just reviewed Cristiano Ronaldo’s ambassador contract!

You’re much more invested in what you are doing and equally you can bring a lot more value because something that I discussed with the Marketing team last week might actually be very relevant to somebody from the Operations side next week if they are working on a similar issue.

I view myself as a stakeholder here because you’re not just advising the business. You’re a part of it. You see it from start to finish.

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