Chris Yt Chris Yt

Chris Haigh

VP Product, New Markets & Strategic Initiatives

Our role is to ensure that the product is delivering the best possible customer experience. That is a mixture of art and science.

The art is knowing what problems to solve and the science is ensuring that you are using data to prove those ideas and hypotheses. We are a fans first company, the customer is at the centre of everything.


The one thing that hit me when I arrived at DAZN was the exacting standards we require from everyone.

We have got some amazingly talented, passionate people here and the mission is just incredible – we are trying to change the way the world sees sport.

We place importance on the things that should be important. We value being on top of the data from the big match at the weekend and understanding what leading digital services are doing and how that is changing consumer habits – not wearing a suit and polishing your PowerPoint presentation.

Our aim is to push boundaries, bring Sport to OTT in a big way and deliver more enjoyable and affordable experiences for fans. Being part of creating a leading brand and picking up awards along the way just adds to the excitement.

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