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Chloe Wood

Lead Product Designer

It’s so fast and it’s fun because of that. There is no other sports streaming service like us and it’s really cool to be involved now so you can help shape what the product will look like.

DAZN On Device

We are a multi-talented team. We create the high fidelity designs of the product across all different platforms. We also do a lot of animation work. We try to create prototypes to show how certain features will actually function.

When we design, we try to design across all platforms simultaneously. The benefit of doing this is that we very quickly get an idea would function across all of our platforms. To progress the project we would typically set up meetings with the Product Owners and stakeholders and engineering. I will go and visit the development teams that we have in different territories in order to get everyone as involved as possible.

It makes the most sense to have a designer start from the brief and see it all the way through to the end product. We find that we have much stronger projects being released as a result of that.

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