Carrie Carrie

Carrie Beesley

Software Engineer

There’s real excitement and a buzz about the place. Everybody can sense that this is going to be huge.

And because things are changing really fast you've got to roll with things and enjoy the ride. What makes it a nice place to be is that we’re all rooting for each other to continue to succeed.

Technology 2

From a technical point of view, I like having the opportunity to work with cutting edge technologies.

Everything in my area of the business is serverless. Everything is in AWS. We didn’t have to convince anyone to let us work this way. It has always been like this.

We’ve got very little in the way of legacy code. My particular project is completely Greenfield so I’m writing fresh code from the start. We’re encouraged to make bold choices - people here aren’t shy to go out there and push technology to it’s limit. We’re having to talk to AWS to see how they can accommodate the scale that we want to work at.

Before I joined, I recognised the names of some people at DAZN from following their blogs and taking their courses on Serverless. The opportunity to actually work with those guys, who I look up to as leaders in their field, is an amazing experience for a developer like me.

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