Andy Yt Andy Yt

Andy Holden

Transmission Team Leader

Every sport and region you can think of, we've got it. It is a multifaceted job that takes a lot of concentration and a lot of skill. 

Every event is handled very differently. We've got staff members who have got very different skill sets who are suited to very different events and workflows.


We are one step away from the Transmission Desk so we go through the events that are coming up, not just in the next week but in the next month.

We look at new regions that we'll be launching in and new rights that are always coming in.

We will speak to rights holders and we will speak to different people from DAZN who will handle the event.

We will deal with everything that we need to deal with until the delivery date so when match day happens, we have already decided where it is coming from, if we have commentary and what filler we will have at half-time.

We think about things before they even happen.

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