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Leeds is one of our greatest success stories.

We started small, with a handful of dedicated people. Now we’re growing rapidly and call White Rose our home. This is a bright and open office space. It is also home to our state-of-the-art broadcast production facility.

The core here is DAZN Media. But Leeds is also home to a range of talent from Programming to our People Team. And what a home it is. The team fill their evenings with five-a-side, basketball, drinks, and more. And it’s a perfect place for families, with a dedicated on-site nursery.

So come and join the team in Leeds. Right at the edge of the stunning Yorkshire countryside.

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Living In Leeds

Leeds is quickly transforming into one of the UK’s most important digital hubs. It’s young. It’s exciting. And it’s set in some of the UK’s best countryside.

Soak up the atmosphere in the many bars and restaurants. Or hike along a number of national parks.

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Sport is in abundance. Football, rugby, cricket – you name it. Leeds is a city for everyone.