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Bangor is at the frontline of our work. It’s where we produced over 2,300 tennis matches in 2018. It’s home to the Bangor MCR, the WTA MCR, and our Transition Suite. And our team here is still growing.

From Bangor, we make sure our live operations around the globe run as smoothly as possible.

And we’re expanding. That means more space, more people, and a lot more activities.

Bangor Seaside

Living in Bangor

Head out of our bustling Bangor office and you’ll find a homely seaside town nestled up against the bustling city of Belfast. So you can choose – take quiet time on the shores of the Irish Sea or the high life of a capital city. It’s up to you...

And Bangor is beautiful. It’s one of Ireland’s largest marinas. There’s a down-to-earth friendly community here that’ll make you feel at home.

Bangor Beach
Bangor Castle

Hike. Sail. Golf. Bangor is truly about the outdoors. Surround yourself in beautiful seaside scenery in this peaceful town.