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Meet Sophie

Putting women's tennis centre stage

Have I ever introduced you to Sophie? She is part of our WTA Media arm, working hard to challenge gender-based norms and put women’s sport centre stage. Sophie is very driven – living her best life in sports and learning on the job as she goes. The sky is the limit. Read her story here.

Tell us a bit about your role

I’m a broadcast coordinator for WTA Media at DAZN. For context, if you don’t know, we have a joint venture going with the Women’s Tennis Association. I am on the broadcast transmission team and have been for just over a year. I am a massive sports fan in general. I enjoy Formula 1, netball and tennis. I’m a sporty person so working at DAZN is the perfect fit for me. I send out transmission details to broadcasters and I also find myself on site at events. Last month I was in Dubai, which was amazing. When we’re on site, we are the glue in between the WTA and the actual tournament.

How does your role allow for the championing of women?

There is a heavy presence of women in my team. I work with women who have been at DAZN for years. They have a wealth of experience and are great to work with and learn from. It is great to see women in what have been traditionally male dominated roles, whether its directing, camera ops, graphics or visual advertising. I like it when I go on site and see lots of women running the show. The tournament in Dubai, for example, was run by two sisters. It was cool to have the chance to collaborate with them.

What can we all do more of to support women?

You just want to make all the women around you feel like they're valued and appreciated. Everyone's work is important no matter what job you do. Make sure that all the women around you feel supported. Be sensitive to women, because you don’t know what they might be going through. Someone may be trying to have a baby, or returning from maternity leave, or even going through a miscarriage or menopause. The women around you may be going through that sort of thing, and while everyone's got their job to do, it is important to be sensitive and supportive to the other people around you. Then it becomes a more positive place to be and that's where we get the best out of people.

Which women’s tennis stars inspire you the most?

I enjoy following Aryna Sabalenka given how young and upcoming she is. She has been very open and honest about her mental health and dealing with frustrations on court. She won the Australian Open at the start of the year – it was great to see her overcome her struggles.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Just go for it. Before I got to DAZN I never thought about getting into this industry. Someone at DAZN encouraged me to apply for this role. I just wouldn't have ever imagined myself being in this position. If you know a woman that really enjoys sports then recommend it. It's about spreading the word, trying to get more women into the workplace and then also working hard to retain them.

What do you hope to see more of for women’s sports in 2024?

We have 51 tournaments this year. It may not be as popular as men's tennis, and people may not know as many players, but we are committed to getting them on the biggest stages in the world. Once people see them, they will realise that women's tennis is just as good as the men's game. It's full of drama. It's fast, it's exciting. It’s important to keep challenging the status quo.