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What can DAZN offer other than sports?

DAZN – Technology, Culture and So Much More Than Sports!

You may have seen the DAZN logo, boxing promotions or adverts about watching the new La Liga football season on DAZN in Spain… but did you know that DAZN is so much more than just a sports company? In fact, technology is the heart of the platform. Here, two members across our different tech teams share their views on why DAZN is fascinating from a technology perspective, and their experience of how DAZN defies the sports stereotype by being inclusive, open and supportive for the LGBTQ+ community.

Dean Newman, Network Operations Centre (NOC) Manager:

Working at DAZN for over 5 years, I have never felt I have had to hide any part of myself or life from peers or seniors.  The culture in DAZN has been an extremely welcoming and open one, with the broad use of adding pronouns and official rainbow corporate logos for your email signatures (even seeing these on emails from very senior leaders) to the general unflinching acceptance talking about my partner or wearing 6” heels to the Christmas parties, these differences are not just accepted but embraced.  Not saying there are not people with more traditional views on relationships, sexuality, and gender conformity in DAZN, but I have not encountered a time where I have had to shrink who I am as an openly Bisexual guy wearing nail polish every day, and a modicum of sass, to do what I need to do. 

In my opinion DAZN is as much a tech platform as it is as “sports” company.  We broadcast sport. But I am not much of a sports fan, and yes, the offices are decorated with famous sports stars, most of whom I have no clue who they are, but in technology, as much as any role where you are not required to monitor or watch sport, such as finance, legal etc, we can enjoy making a difference and doing great work to make DAZN the best technical platform it can be. 

Being out in DAZN isn’t in any way a barrier, if anything, it is the best place I have worked to date to be out and be your authentic self at work.  When you think of the percentage of time we spend working, you may as well be happy. And in DAZN the freedom to be out and proud and have a community in PROUD@DAZN our LGBTQ+ ERG (which I run 😊) is a good place to be, whether sport is your thing or not.

James Hall, Principal Product Manager:

DAZN is one of the most accepting companies that I’ve ever worked for - not even a flinch when mentioning my same-sex partner! The Proud@DAZN employee resource group means I get to help shape the way DAZN engages with the community and make real change internally to support other LGBTQ+ colleagues in being their authentic selves at work.

I’m also living proof that you don’t have to enjoy watching sports to enjoy working at DAZN! After starting out my career as an engineer and moving into product management, I’ve found there are countless opportunities at DAZN to solve huge technical problems and figure out how to scale operations to meet the needs of our rapidly growing number of sports fans.

Emma Rouhani, Talent Acquisition Lead

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