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Meet Nausicaa

Challenging the system, all the time

Meet Nausicca Dell Orto – Content Manager for Game Pass. She is a powerhouse – a big advocate for the NFL but also as a woman who is going places at DAZN. She’s passionate about what she does and is fiercely ambitious. Ambitious in her approach to content creation but also in terms of where she is taking her career.

Tell us a bit about your role at DAZN

I’m a Content Manager for NFL Game Pass. I’m a content creator on social media. I’m on air, but I also work behind the scenes. I come up with creative content ideas, plan out how I’m going to access the talent, and then coordinate the shoot on the ground. I am deeply passionate about the game of football. I have been playing football for thirteen years now and it is the air I breathe. Without football, I am completely lost. I am trying to promote football in the hope it can change people's lives.

How does your role allow for the championing of women?

There are not enough women in sports. I hate being the only woman in the room. We can do better. I always try to open a door for other women to come on board. Any time I meet someone likeminded in the industry, I try collaborating with that person without being in competition with them. When we work alone, we can do great things, but when we work together, we are truly unstoppable.

I want to be around women who don’t have a lot of tolerance to compromise. I think that today’s compromises are tomorrow’s standards. I want to be around people that challenge the system all the time. That means always wanting to do more. Women are great assets in sports. We never take no for an answer because we've been said no to so many times. We have had to fight all our lives for basic rights. The basic right to play football, the basic right to have a perspective and a point of view that is considered and heard.

What advice would you give other women in the sports industry?

Collaborate with the women around you without feeling threatened by them. Unfortunately, that is something that society really imposes on us. When you are a kid, you compete with other girls. That is just how it is. At the top, there are few spots for your job so you feel like you must always compete. Understand that every person has innovative ideas, and that partnering with others around you will allow wonderful things to happen. I am not intimidated by women in my position, because we are doing it in diverse ways. We are different women with different stories and different emotional baggage. We have different things to say and that is what makes storytelling amazing. When are you feeling threatened remember, she does herself and you do you. Always look to find one thing that inspires you about the other person.

Also, I would say look for allies. The best allies I have encountered have seen me and my efforts and championed my expertise and vision in the room. Surround yourself with advocates who see your value and lend their power to you.

Who was the first female athlete that inspired you?

Billie Jean King. No risk it, no biscuit. That's what she says. She took that quote from Bruce Arians, the football coach. I always connected with her because I felt likeminded. Her first fight was to advocate for women to be paid on the tennis court, even for just one dollar. I want more opportunities for women on and off the field. She has always been my biggest inspiration. She is a person that doesn't tolerate much.

What do you hope to see more of for women in sports in 2024?

I hope to see more opportunities for women in sports, more recognition and more appreciation and more advocacy. There is a space for us in sports. We belong to sports. We are powerful. We don’t stand still and look pretty. We were born to stand out and it is important that we get allies to amplify our voices because we have a voice and it's loud.