Mithun Mithun

Going Global with DAZN

Behind-the-Scenes at Leeds White Rose

I’ve been at the company for nearly 8 years now, and although I know the planning side of the business inside and out, I have always been keen to learn more about the processes behind our amazing product. In particular, what does the DAZN broadcast chain look like? So, when I was given the opportunity to travel 7,802km to witness the behind-the-scenes of our broadcasting hub in Leeds, I was very eager.

I had thought I knew a lot about DAZN before my trip, but the experience made me realise the scale of the DAZN operation and just how much goes on, on a day-to-day basis. It was especially interesting to get to visit the office over a weekend because I got to see how they broadcast some of our most high-profile events, all at the same time.

I have to say that the offices there, looked all together like a spaceship when you see all the screens covering three sides of our Transmission facility. It felt like a different world, and I am so grateful that I had the chance to witness such a brilliant operation.

It was especially exciting to be on the ground to see how many different people the Leeds employees have to speak to and how many different locations employees and commentators are spread across. It gave me a really good idea of the whole experience that goes into running a broadcast. Although we at DAZN are one large team, sometimes from all our different locations, it can be difficult to understand what we are all doing. My motivation for travelling was to see how they operate and now I can feedback to our team over here about how we can best help and assist.

I love my sport, and apart from the religion of cricket in India, I also enjoy watching football as a Liverpool fan. I would say that seeing the behind the scenes of how matches and events are run, is a once in a lifetime chance from every sports fan and I am so grateful to DAZN for letting me have this incredible experience. I look forward to seeing it grow!