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Meet Marta

My internship was the first step in my career

Living in Madrid, Marta got her dream job at DAZN in May 2021 as a production coordinator intern. Five months in, Marta was offered an amazing opportunity in the global resources team. I wanted to find out about her internship, so I reached out to her to find out more…

How did your DAZN journey begin?

After studying Journalism at University, I decided to make the move from my hometown in Valencia to Madrid. There are so many more opportunities here. Of course, I miss my family, friends and hometown but I think to be able to grow – both personally and professionally, you have to go out and take risks. And that’s what I did. 

I moved to Madrid three years ago, just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and started studying TV production. At the end of the course, we had to do an internship. Unfortunately, as my course was coming to an end, we were put into our first lockdown. This made it really hard to find an internship, because everything was put on hold.  Towards the end of the first lockdown, I was scrolling through Linkedin and came across a Production Coordinator Internship at DAZN. I read through the job description and thought, if that’s not for me, it’s not for anyone. I knew it was exactly what I wanted. So, I applied.

I always wanted to work for DAZN. From the outside, it looked like a really cool company to work for, plus, I’m a big sports fan! I liked that it was a big company and for me, this means lots of opportunity. I got a call one day and was told that I had got the job. I couldn’t believe it. It was the best news ever!

Everything happened so fast and before I knew it, I was working at DAZN. Before my first day, I felt really nervous – it was my first full time job in a big company, and we’d been locked in our houses for so long so the thought of being around people felt strange! However, you learn to adapt and everything that I was feeling nervous about, disappeared straight away. As soon as I stepped into the office, the atmosphere was amazing. Everyone was so welcoming and willing to help.

Tell me about your internship at DAZN?

During my internship I learnt so much, I experienced both sides of production – office based and on-site. I had the opportunity to go to shootings for shows, work with other production teams, go to venues and so much more! I was so lucky to be able to experience a variety of things. I enjoyed both, I think it was a good balance for me.

My team were so happy to have me, and I could tell that. Without realising, this really helped my confidence. Knowing that you’re wanted somewhere - it’s crucial to feeling assured and comfortable in a team. They were always there to support me. They wanted to see me grow and succeed. Even now, that I’m in a new role, my old team are so proud of me. I could just tell they loved seeing me move onto something bigger and better – for myself and my career.

Tell me about your new role at DAZN?

On the fifth month of my internship, the recruitment team reached out to me and mentioned there was a position opening up as a Global Resource Coordinator and they thought I was a good fit for the role.

I was quite nervous when I first got told about this role. Change is scary. It was the unknown and the feeling of starting from zero again, but this was a massive opportunity. The thought of going from an intern to a permanent member of staff at DAZN was the best news I could’ve got. I took it and suddenly, I was in another department, working with another team. I think taking on a new role makes us feel like we have to prove that we are going to do the right thing. But, you need to be confident within yourself and realise that you are good enough to do it.

I settled into my new role really quickly. My team have a massive part in this, they are amazing. They believe in me and support me whenever I need it. I have a lot more responsibility now than I did as an intern. I take care of virtual production. In a nut shell, it’s managing all of the resources we have when it comes to production – pre, during and post production. I absolutely love it and I’m so grateful that my team saw potential in me!

What advice would you give to someone as an intern at DAZN?

Take every opportunity you get given to be involved and take part in projects, it allows you to learn so many new skills. Skills you didn’t even know existed!

Don’t just do what you’re asked to do, do as much as possible. If you’re interested in something, reach out to people and ask questions. You’ve heard about a project going on that you’d love to be involved in? Ask and go for it.

My final piece of advice is to meet as many people at work as possible. Since the pandemic, lots of people are working remotely and it’s so easy to lose that personal touch. My advice is to go into the office as much as you can, speak to people and experience those in person interactions, it’s so valuable.