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Meet Jun

Leaving DAZN and coming back again

Three years ago, a passionate Product expert joined DAZN. His name was Jun Yoshino. After two great years, he had a chance to live his dream and join a video game developer. He left, leaving great colleagues and happy memories behind. But just a few months later he came back!

Jun is Head of Product for DAZN in Japan. His role is to align the product in Japan with other functions across rest of the business. He also works closely with Telco companies. They have a huge customer base so collaborating with them and being part of their offering helps us reach more potential customers.

We caught up with him to welcome him back. This is his story…

What attracted you to join DAZN the first time around?

This goes back to the very first days of DAZN. At the time I was very interested in streaming services. I always believed that this would become the way through which people would end up consuming entertainment. People like Netflix were growing and Amazon had just launched its Prime video service. I wanted to experience what it was like to work for a business in this area.

I also knew that I’d have the chance to move back to Japan with DAZN – I hadn’t lived there since I was a child. That was a big attraction also. As it happened, I made that move after my first month with the company.

Everything just aligned for me. There was the attraction of working for a streaming business, moving back to Tokyo and a set of new and interesting challenges. I took the opportunity and dived right in!

What is the working culture like at DAZN and why does that set us apart?

There is no real sense of hierarchy. There is a really collaborative and supportive culture – everyone is aligned. If you have a problem or a question, you can always reach out for help.

This is an ambitious company filled with ambitious people. The business is very clear in terms of our overall objective but we all have our individual goals and aspirations as well. I can easily say I have never had that anywhere else. I have grown as a professional at DAZN. The more you give here, the more you get out of it. It should be like that everywhere.

What makes DAZN special from Product perspective?

Product dictates how users interact with DAZN and we are very close to the end-user. That is very rewarding. We get to take sport and put it in the hands of our subscribers in the best shape possible. There are so many opportunities for us to take our product forward. We are always looking at how we can improve the experience for our users.

I remember when I joined three years ago and it is amazing to see how far the product has come since then. I think it is going to keep getting better and stronger.

Why did you leave?

I was offered a very senior role in a video games company. I used to work on games for consoles but this time the focus was going to be mobile devices. I wanted to give it a shot as I hadn’t been involved in this area before. The company seemed ambitious and I expected a similar way of working to what exists at DAZN.

And why did you decide to come back?

After spending a few months in my new role, I realised it was a completely different dynamic to DAZN. It is so easy to get in touch with people and have conversations here – collaboration is encouraged and I really missed that. Add to that the fact that our product is pioneering. That is in part down to quick decision making. I believe this puts us ahead of the curve.

I got in touch with DAZN and asked if there were any opportunities for me to come back. Even that process was quick – I was back here two to three weeks after making that call.

Sounds like you were welcomed back – why do you think that was?

I left on very good terms. My line manager at the time understood my situation. We spoke often and it always felt like the door would stay open if I changed my mind. My advice to anyone leaving is to make sure you don’t burn your bridges. You never know what will happen in the future and it’s always nice to keep strong relationships with those you have worked with.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Is there anything you would do differently the second time around?

I now have an appreciation that working cultures can vary significantly from country to country. People in Japan, for example, operate in a very specific way.

Communication is so important. Especially for a global business like DAZN. I want to do more to raise awareness of the specific needs of telcos, and their customers, at a local level. My hope is that this will help steer our product development in the right direction, and ultimately get more people to enjoy DAZN.