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Meet Jack

The journey of technology

I find the engineering world at DAZN really fascinating. it’s a creative, innovative and progressive part of the company. I love learning about the different departments within engineering and what role they play in making our product what it is today! 

Senior Transmission Engineer, Jack Hill, has been working at DAZN for six and a half years. I wanted to find out about what life is like for him as a Transmission Engineer and what keeps him at DAZN. Here’s what he had to say…

How did your journey at DAZN begin?

My journey began back in 2016 as a freelance transmission controller. I was so interested in what DAZN was doing and wanted to be a part of it!

After a couple years of freelancing, I joined DAZN as a full-time employee as a Senior Transmission Engineer. My role now is all about supporting, problem solving and working with a variety of different departments across the business to ensure that our content goes live without any issues. We support live playout of all channels to the platform. Our team is responsible for fixing any problems that may arise before the content reaches the viewer. This often means, acting fast and efficiently.

What’s your proudest moment since being at DAZN?

I love looking into mysterious problems, the one’s that no one can figure out.

One that stands out to me happened a few years back. A supplier of ours was having an issue with a particular platform we were using. Lots of engineers and developers from different departments came together to try and resolve the issue but no one could get to the bottom of it. I knew that this was the sort of problem I couldn’t give up on. I started testing the platform and nine months later, I fixed the issue. It took lots of persistence, but I was, and still am, really proud of myself for finding a solution and resolving the issue!

What keeps you at DAZN?

I enjoy fixing things, figuring things out and finding solutions.

There’s a good team spirit here. Everyone here has a single goal, and we are all trying to get the job done as best we can. Whenever there is an issue, we all come together, it’s really team orientated here. I think this is especially important in the area of the business I work in because as a support engineer, you do feel the pressure sometimes. People rely on you to fix things and fix things quickly. It’s the nature of the role. However, having a supportive team that all come together and work collaboratively to figure things out is amazing. My team are great.

Despite loving being an engineer here, I’m also a big fan of combat sports like boxing and UFC so working for DAZN and getting opportunities to go to boxing or UFC events with the company is a massive bonus!

What advice would you give to someone joining DAZN as an engineer?

Be persistent, curious and look for an answer. You may not figure something out the first time and that’s ok, it’s about the journey of technology.

Take your time to figure out the basics of the job and slowly build up knowledge over time.

Pushing through frustration boundaries is the key to being a support engineer. Keep looking for potential clues to investigate.