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Meet Dora

Helping our people become security-savvy

Being supportive is a common trait at DAZN. That means recognising that you’re part of a wider community and looking out for your colleagues. From a Security perspective, we want to help our people protect themselves and their families, as well as the business.

This is where Dora Ross comes in - our InfoSec Culture Change Specialist. Dora believes in the power of storytelling and is an innovator when it comes to security-based learning. I caught up with her to find out about what she is doing to make a difference at DAZN.

Have you always worked in Security?

I’m part of the Security team at DAZN but this wasn’t always the case. The first part of my career was in marketing, comms and business change management which I really liked. Then around 2015, following an eye-opening cyber security training course, I got curious about this area. I wanted to learn more. I developed a particular interest in cyber threats and the steps we can take to protect ourselves and our families online. So, I’ve started making a transition into security business change, and then cultural change - this is where I feel I can make a real difference. 

There is always something to learn…

There are so many different areas in Security and the landscape is always changing. Criminals are always coming up with new ways to get into your systems and steal crown jewels like your valuable customer data or trade secrets. We need to continually learn and keep on top of current events, technological developments, regulatory changes and so on.

What does the Security team do?

Let me turn things around and ask you a question - what comes to mind when you think of Security within an organisation?

You may think of physical security first like entrance barriers, shredders, CCTV and some cyber security elements like login credentials, virus protection and data-privacy.

What about application security, anti-piracy and business continuity? These are also part of Security.

There are lots of elements we cover and I’ll try to summarise some of them here. We’ve various sub-teams with an expansive remit. From compliance and providing frameworks to supporting employees to help them do the right things personally, and for DAZN. We monitor all our operating environments and respond to incidents. We provide tooling and guidance to support our enterprise security architecture vision and principles. We conduct risk assessments, various business continuity activities and maintain the trust of our customers by ensuring their data is safe and we are compliant with global privacy and data protection obligations.

How does the Security team enable DAZN?

At DAZN we are all one team. The Security team is not a separate entity as we work very closely with the business to provide support and guidance whenever they need it. We collaborate with different teams and we are there at project conception to ensure the right security checks are performed and ensuring that the new tools or suppliers safeguard our data as they should.

We monitor illegal DAZN content streaming and we take actions to remove such content. We block viruses and cyber-attacks, responding to these swiftly so that the business can operate effectively. We continually engage with DAZNers so they know how to protect company information and what to do in certain situations like if they receive a phishing email.

How are you making a difference?

Security is so important not only in the business context but also in our personal lives. Just think about all the ever-increasing online scams like fake friends’ requests, delivery scams, health supplies and vaccination scams. The aim of these could be to get your personal details so that criminals can send you ‘special offers’, get your credit card details, steal your money or even deploy a virus on your device. In a business context that could mean outage of networks, unavailability of information, not being able to stream content, ransomware… the list goes on. It could lead to catastrophic consequences, reputational or financial damage to mention a few.

With my role, increasing awareness around these threats and supporting DAZNers to adopt a security mindset, I can, and I do make a difference! Having an instinctive security mindset is a necessity in today’s digital world and I help DAZNers to build their security mindset muscles and have security in the back of their minds – without actually thinking about it!

Closing thoughts…

I hope I could give you some insight into what the Security team does at DAZN and how we’re enabling our amazing ambitious, brave, inventive, passionate, and supportive people to do great things securely at DAZN.