Sam Sam

Joining DAZN

My first impressions

What first attracted me to DAZN was the opportunity to work in, and be surrounded by, what I love – sport. 

Before joining DAZN I was a recent graduate who worked briefly in the automotive industry. In my first meeting I got told that DAZN had just signed a deal with Canelo Alvarez and I immediately knew I was in a company that’s going to be the future.

The fast-paced nature of the company, and almost 24/7 cycle of exciting news, has made my job in PR here one of astonishing surprises and ground-breaking deals. I’ve learnt to think quickly, go with my instinct and make quick and effective decisions. 

After graduating from university, many graduates (including myself) feel apprehensive about the working world – a stark contrast from the laid-back lifestyle of a student! 

DAZN helped me settle in and then gradually set me up with more and more exciting opportunities. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to different countries, experience market launches first hand, meet our world-famous ambassadors, and get a deeper understanding of the product and the fans that DAZN connects with all around the world.

But what makes DAZN special for me is the people – who are on this exciting and pioneering journey together. Within my team and even as a wider marketing team, the people at DAZN are extremely welcoming, enjoy what they do and never miss a chance to have fun after office hours! 

My time at DAZN so far has been action packed, full of laughs but most importantly a learning curve. I can’t wait to keep learning, improving and become a well-rounded marketeer in the future.