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Impostor Syndrome

Self doubt and my fear of the unknown

When I came to DAZN about 18 months ago I had only worked in one other tech company. I'd been very successful as a scrum master there, but could I be successful anywhere else? I didn't know!

You get comfortable in a place, and you get to know how things work - how all the wheels turn. You know who the "Go To" people are for all the different things you need. And maybe you get a little too comfortable after a while.

Moving to a new company where you don't know anyone is always pretty scary. Have I made the right choice? Will I fit in? Will people like me? Will I be able to do the job they want me to do? My head was filled with all these fears. And apparently I'm far from alone here. Changing jobs is in the top five worst fears.

So when I moved to DAZN it was with a mixture of excitement and trepidation.

My first day was absolutely great. I was met by my new boss at reception, and we just totally clicked.  Next I met my team, and what an amazing bunch of people they were.  I was blown away by them. How on earth was I going to live up to the incredibly high standards they clearly set for themselves? 

My challenge from that very first day was to be just as amazing as they are, and that's something I still strive towards every single day. Not because I'm scared of being sacked if I'm rubbish, but because everyone here inspires me to be better. To try my hardest. To find new challenges. To push my own limitations. To really get out of my own comfort zone. To be as good at what I do as they are at what they do. And every day they all get better at what they do, so I must too!

The people and the culture here drive me and motivate me to be the best version of myself that I can be. 

And let me tell you, that's a pretty amazing way to spend your life. 

Coming to DAZN?  Best decision ever.