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Sport is not for everyone

It would be easy to think that DAZN is all about sport because when you look at DAZN’s website, product and offices, it’s all packed with sport related content. Sure, sport is a big attraction for some departments – but generally for software engineering, it’s not.

The real interest and excitement is around our technology. Working in the live streaming industry enables our engineers to deal with challenges like latency, scale and resilience. If you happen to like sports, it’s just a bonus.

What is more important within our software engineering culture is promoting teaching, sharing knowledge and advocating best practise both internally and externally at local meetups and international conferences.

Sourcing good software engineering talent can be a challenge, especially when you are scaling the teams that build the product arguably faster than the product itself! But since joining DAZN I have been really impressed by the unbelievable creativity and energy that our recruitment teams invest in sourcing the best candidates.

Our recent creative recruitment event was a Hackathon in Sao Paulo. We invited 25 local engineers to hack their way to a career in Europe! DAZN is offering several of the participants from the event the chance to be sponsored to move to Amsterdam, where they will help us to build our amazing product.

An event like this has never been done at DAZN before. In fact, from all my research, no company has never held a Hackathon as a recruitment event!

We came up with the idea after a meeting with some engineers. We built a case for the business and it was signed off. No red tape, no procrastination – just get involved and do the best job possible.

This is the ethos at DAZN and the reason that I enjoy working here so much: it is succeed or learn. ‘Failure’ is not in our vocabulary.