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Confessions of an interviewer

The inside track on our recruitment process

When I first joined DAZN, back in October 2018, we had just opened the office two weeks prior. I had started interviewing my future colleagues by the end of November.

Now we have well over 100 people in Amsterdam with more to come. Trust me, it takes a bunch of smart and dedicated people to build a team like this as well as a candidate-friendly interview process.

Looking back, it is fascinating how we optimised this work through an agile iterative approach. I'm extremely proud to be able to share the end results with you.

There are three stages after the call with our recruiter:

  1. An initial phone interview to evaluate the basic knowledge of the candidate.
  2. An in-depth interview where we assess candidate’s experience.
  3. A cultural fit interview conducted by our dev managers and/or our principal engineers.

We made a very conscious decision not to introduce coding tests to the process. Coding, regardless of which programming language, is the easiest part of all our daily challenges. A qualified candidate should find JavaScript/TypeScript/Terraform quite easy to pick up.

Objective evaluation has always been one of our top priorities. We classify what we do on a day-to-day basis into 4 distinct areas: AWS/Cloud, Scalability, Resilience, and DevOps. For each area, we define specific criteria that really matter to DAZN. The main focus here is not only the knowledge but also the experience and potential of the candidate.

One of the most important things for us is ensuring that every candidate has a great interview experience. Fortunately, our brilliant recruiters created a training programme to better prepare interviewers. It focuses on how to ask good and effective questions, to help interviewers evaluate the candidate more precisely. The recruiters reminded us to keep an eye on subconscious biases since we are dedicated to building an inclusive and diverse culture here at DAZN.

After each stage, the interviewers would come together for a feedback session. It is the perfect environment for different perspectives to clash. Our recruiters do a fantastic job challenging our feedback. From time to time, they would point out blind-spots in our thoughts. By compiling better feedback, we are also helping candidates to develop their careers. Even if they didn't get the offer, we still want them to take something away from this experience.

We have built an extremely diverse team - we already have more than 30 different nationalities. Shout-out to all my fellow interviewers and recruiters for making this possible.

But this is far from a "happily ever after" ending as DAZN is still growing at an astonishing pace. As firm believers in agile, we are applying this mindset to recruitment. Until now, we have never stopped asking ourselves: how can we iterate our interview process?

People still come up with ideas to improve the efficiency of the interview and the overall candidate experience.

That's just how people at DAZN work.