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DAZN @ Chiswick School Careers Fair

Team DAZN recently had the fantastic opportunity to partner with Chiswick School, close to our Hammersmith office, to host a stand at their Careers Fair. The event gave the opportunity for different Businesses and Education providers to come together and showcase valuable information on career pathways where students had an opportunity to seek advice and ask questions as they go through important transitions into GCSEs, A Levels, College courses and Apprenticeships. 

We were joined by representatives from our DAZN Legal and People teams to give insights into the Sports, Broadcasting, Media and Technology industries and share our own experiences to help students consider their academic and workplace options.

The feedback from Team DAZN was resoundingly positive, with everyone recognising the importance of Careers Fairs such as this, and feeling inspired by the enthusiasm of the students.

“I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with the students at Chiswick School. It was a great way to showcase the range of careers at DAZN while also sharing my experiences in the working world. The students asked a wide range of questions and it was evident that they valued our time. It was also interesting to hear how DAZN’s content is perceived by the younger generation.”

Chloe Gabriel, Paralegal

Students were highly engaged with our advice and realising the huge variety of opportunities available within different industries.

“As a volunteer Enterprise Adviser at Chiswick School, my remit is to show students a variety of career paths and expose them to work opportunities over and above the typical list of traditional roles provided in schools.  We certainly did that at this event!  It was wonderful to see how excited many of the students are about our product, and I found it particularly rewarding to talk to those students who might not have initially thought that a company like ours could be relevant to their goals.  DAZN is such a great example of role diversity so it was a pleasure to share the details.”

Marie Ingham, SVP Head of Legal, Corporate

DAZN certainly made an impact, with many of the students recognising our brand and being impressed by our Boxing content.

“It was a fantastic opportunity to give students of a variety of ages an insight into the many different career paths at DAZN, and what steps they may be able to take to help them on their journey. Most importantly, it was exciting to see so many students truly enthusiastic about the great content that DAZN continues to distribute in the UK and worldwide!”

Luke Wilcox, Legal Counsel

It was a great opportunity to provide what seemed to be valuable insights and information for students. They responded really well and engaged with some great questions for us.

“Looking back to my time in Secondary school, I remember feeling incredibly lost and overwhelmed when it came to choosing subjects, or thinking about future careers. I hope that we were able to give some reassurance and clarity for the students by sharing some advice and showcasing how many different opportunities there are both in academic paths and in the working world.

I was inspired by the enthusiasm of the students when they learned more about DAZN and the types of career pathways available within the Sports, Broadcast, Media and Technology industries. I am a strong advocate for the importance of these events and giving real world advice for the next generation to open as many doors for them as possible. I encourage Businesses to take part in these events to provide this important guidance.“

Emma Rouhani, Global Talent Acquisition Manager

We really value our newly established relationship with Chiswick School and are thrilled to hear the positive feedback! 

“Thank you so much to you and your other colleagues for coming to Chiswick to present at our Careers Fair the week before last; it was fantastic to have you there and the students really appreciated the chance to speak to you and learn about DAZN. They were so excited that you guys were there, and it gave the fair a real buzz, so thank you so much for making the effort and giving up your time.”

Hannah Nonnemacher, Assistant Head Teacher, Chiswick School

We are looking forward to future collaboration and similar events with other schools and universities.