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Cloud Platform Engineer


Job Description

Job Title:
Cloud Platform Engineer
Full-Time, Permanent
Platform Engineering

What's your new role about?

What’s better than making the best use of AWS services and building scalable systems that reach millions of concurrent users globally? Doing it with millions more in mind. In early 2019, we will be expanding into Spain after success in USA, Japan, Canada, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and there are only more markets to follow.
Do you want the creative freedom to make the product something you’re proud to show others? You will create test design strategies and given the autonomy over the tools used for the job to build a modern, scalable, and resilient platform.
As a Cloud Engineer at DAZN you will develop and maintain reliable, highly available platforms for development teams across four international centers. From account provisioning and identity management, to providing the CI platform and Vault secrets management as a service. You will spend your days automating processes, developing new solutions to provide developers with greater flexibility, responding to issues raised, and researching and planning the next big thing, whatever that may be! 

Watch our video on Platform Engineering at DAZN here

The essentials for you:

  • Location: Huidekoperstraat 26-28 1017 ZM, Amsterdam
  • Industry: Online Media and Broadcast Streaming
  • IT department size: 200+
  • Team size: 22 (growing to 27)
  • A taste of our Tech Stack: AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Vault, Python, Go, Terraform, Serverless, Golang + more

Here’s what you will be doing (not all of it, just the important bits):

  • Build and support our AWS platform
  • Develop tools to reduce toil and automate tasks
  • Develop IaC accelerators to get our Engineers online quickly
  • Design DAZN's future cloud architecture, K8s? sure, Kafka? lets do it! Hybrid cloud... maybe
  • Review planned application architectures

To make an impact in our teams, you will have at least 3 of the following:

  • AWS experience
  • Terraform or other IaC
  • An understanding of containerised deployments and lambda based architecture patterns
  • Experience with event-driven/asynchronous architectures
  • Track record of successful software delivery through all phases of development, code reviews, testing, and operations
  • Golang/Python
  • Experience optimising for high concurrency
  • Worked on large scale web applications

Here's a little more about us…


DAZN is a tech-first sport streaming platform that reaches millions of users every week. We are challenging a traditional industry and giving power back to the fans.

This is the perfect place to work for passionate and creative engineers. We use a very modern tech stack to stream sports content to millions of concurrent viewers globally across multiple platforms and devices. The architecture of DAZN is based on Micro Frontends and unifies a range of technologies in order to deliver a seamless user experience.

This is an ambitious project with a fast release cycle that has scalability not only from a user point of view but also from a developer perspective. Imagine a tech start up culture but with the security and backing from a well established content and media agency.

Our engineers work in small teams and are given freedom and autonomy when it comes to the code that they write. If you like solving technical problems then this is the place to be. We have a community that is here to help. Want to join the revolution? Learn more about us here: