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Platform Engineer - SRE

Leeds / Remote, United Kingdom

Job Description

Job Title:
Platform Engineer - SRE
Leeds / Remote, United Kingdom
Full-Time, Permanent
Platform Engineering

What's your new role about?

What’s this role about?
DAZN are a leading worldwide sports broadcaster, and we care a lot about reliability. The SRE team, based in the UK and the Netherlands, works every day to achieve this, helping our developers reduce pageable events and speed up recovery times when they happen, which leads to happier customers, and happier engineers! 

We are growing. We do this because we constantly measure and improve ourselves. We are driven by data, and the data is telling us we could do more if we had more people. Would you like to come help us?

Generally, people in the team have many of the following skills:

  • Understanding how Operations works in production in the real world 
  • Writing clean, effective code to deliver solutions and automation 
  • An engineer’s mindset to problem-solving. 
  • Have done all of this at scale, using IaC, on some form of cloud 
  • Understanding of the challenges and advantages of a microservice architecture 
  • Concepts of observability 
  • SLIs/SLOs 
  • Error budgets 
  • Alerting strategies 
  • We are also keen to learn and to teach, to take what we find and share it with the rest of the organisation and beyond. We are curious, team players willing to get involved. 

What will you be doing?

  • You will be enabling DAZN teams to use data to de-risk their releases, use Machine Learning to scale their AWS workloads to get ahead of the crowds, see every element of their performance using K6 Cloud, their error budgets and SLOs using Victoria Metrics, Grafana and statsd; find the logs when they need to using a centralised solution based on Cloudwatch and Kinesis. All these observability pieces are assembled in New Relic and can page folks when needed via Pagerduty.
  • You’ll be writing code constantly, deploying it via Github Actions and enriching service data from Manifests included in Github repos, your APIs will be available everywhere via front-ends written in node.js or secured by HMAC
  • Right now, we’re focussed on improving the release process so we can safely close down the CAB, moving everything to SSO with Active Directory, democratising performance testing, end-user observability improvements and better communication with our users, along with a bunch of features for existing services. And that’s just Q3!
  • Every Monday, you might teach the teams something that would help them. Tuesdays and Thursdays we are available to focus with individual teams across our whole range of knowledge and tools, to figure out how they can best to apply it to their world. Every day you’ll learn from those teams, via BAU or in post-incident reviews, so we can pass this on. Every Friday afternoon you can get together with the wider teams for gaming sessions and alternate Friday’s you’ll have a TGIF day, where you can do anything you think is useful for the team, and the company
  • We’re agile, scrummy, and very friendly people who love to work together to achieve great things. If this sounds like something you’d like, why not come and join us?

Here's a little more about us…

At DAZN, we bring ambition to life. We are innovators, game-changers and pioneers. So if you want to push boundaries and make an impact, DAZN is the place to be.

As part of our team you'll have the opportunity to make your mark and the power to make change happen. We're doing things no-one has done before, giving fans and customers access to sport anytime, anywhere. We're using world-class technology to transform sports and revolutionise the industry and we're not going to stop.

If you're ambitious, inventive, passionate, brave and supportive, then you're the kind of person who's going to enjoy life at DAZN.

We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment, both inside and outside of our walls, that values equality and diversity and where everyone can contribute at the highest level and have their voices heard. For us, this means hiring and developing talent across all races, ethnicities, religions, age groups, sexual orientations, gender identities and abilities. If you’d like to include a cover letter with your application, please feel free to. Please do not feel you need to apply with a photo or disclose any other information that is not related to your professional experience.

We look forward to hearing from you.